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Free Toy Patterns  
This Australian site has links to lots of craft websites around the world:
Free craft ideas (if you don't mind the ads):
Kid's Craft







Edible birthday craft ideas:





Children & Educational Resources:
Educational resourses for under 5's and primary age children.  Games, music, stories, art and lots more:
Free resources for learning languages:
Playgroup information:
Free thesaurus and dictionary online: 

Health for all the Family:
Find healthy eating tips for all the family at this Victorian Government website:
Lots of great stuff for parents and kids:
Worth looking at if anyone in the family suffers from allergies or food related health problems:
A great site for free recipes, healthy eating tips and videos:
Information and support for anyone dealing with cancer:
Cancer Council of Australia
American Cancer Society
Resources to help to quit smoking:
Quit Victoria
Australian Government

Financial Fitness:
This is an Australian Government website that has information and tips on budgeting, saving, investing, being in charge of your debt, superannuation, protecting your money, and how to get good advice: 

General Information
Public Holiday Dates
Victorian School Term Dates

Christmas Resources
Christmas activities and recipes for kids - some are Australian, others are overseas and some have ads:  
Koala's Christmas is an old website but still has lots of links to all types of Christmas crafts, recipes, activities, traditions and stories:
Download free Christmas fonts for your printer:

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