NEW for Term 1 2018

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Hospitality Courses

Intro to Barista incl Food Handling Safety

HLTA1004 Provide Emergency First Aid in Education Setting

22300VIC First Aid Management of Anaphylaxis

Gentle Exercise 

Functional Fitness

Water Colours for Absolute Beginners

Modern Water Colours

Quilling for Cardmaking

Natural Soap Making

Sewing Basics - memory cushion and upcycling







 Save the Date:

Promoting Women's Health and Wellbeing - Term 2


An eight week program for 2 hours each week.   Features a specilalist presenter and faciltated group discussion. 

Volunteer Tutors Wanted
Do you have a hobby your are passionate about and
would like to share with other teachng a class.
If so phone Cathy 9700 3789



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